Maša Stanić, also known as Mafia Mashi, has finished her studies of applied photography and time-based media at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts with her diploma project “Big Dick Energy”


Her raw, honest and direct visual language pulls the observer into a world one cannot escape. With her diploma project, she makes one question what it really means to have Big Dick Energy and comes to the conclusion that in fact, no male genitalia is needed to have a vibe of full confidence and not caring about the perception of others.




The people portrayed range from female security personnel, a jewel thief, friends and Maša herself. Some of the subjects accompanying the portraits are fragile flowers arranged in a chain, the hulk fist as symbol for bodily strength and a she-dog hanging from a tree. In this work, Maša explores the connection between softness, femininity and vulnerability on the one side, and strength, anger and aggression on the other. We all carry these seemingly opposing, humane tendencies inside of us — but tied to our sex, we seem to have been conditioned to express some more than others.




All the images argue against the common association with Big Dick Energy. Gestures which are usually attributed to men are no longer limited to male-ness, questioning societal power-dynamics all-together. The female heroes in Maša’s work are fierce, fearless and strong.




Her work has been called provocative in the past, however, the raw honesty which dominates her images might be the reason some viewers shun away from it. Commercially, she has collaborated with Boiler Room, Henessy, Carhatt WIP among others. Maša regularly exhibits her work, is part of Connected Archives and Forward’s Creative Network and runs Studio Steroid in Vienna.




In our interview with Maša in the issue fifth issue of the Forward print magazine, we spoke with her about taking breaks from social media, how clients react to her shooting exclusively analog and what she looks for in an assistant. To read this conversation among interviews with Frau Isa, Klemens Schilliger and Zwupp, get your copy here.



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© Mafia Mashi