König Galerie seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. No wonder, the misa.art is in full swing, the newest showroom on the coast of Monaco recently opened and the collaboration with Turkish gallery Pilevneli showcasing the best of both worlds is on until the end of the month. With selected pieces, also Esra Gülmen is part of two of those events, highlighting the importance of an artist’s signature style. Topics and projects like these will be in focus when the artist Esra Gülmen meets gallerist Johann König for a chat live on stage at Forward Festival Berlin.


It seems like Johann König turns everything he touches to gold. misa.art is no exception to the rule since it is the only online marketplace that brings together established as well as emerging artists and offers collectors and art lovers digital as well as traditional art. The idea behind misa.art goes d’accord with the gallerist’s general approach to the industry: art should be accessible to anyone and with the online marketplace an easy entry point into the market for artists as well as collectors is the goal in Johann König’s mind.



Esra Gülmen has made herself well known as a visual artist and designer over the past years developing and sticking to her very own style. At misa.art she represents the Zeitgeist of the design and art scene and shows two of her works, both addressing current societal issues, both are classic Esra Gülmen.


(c) Esra Gülmen


misa.art is not the only event, where Johann König’s and Esra Gülmen’s names are being brought together. König Galerie currently is joining forces with Pilevneli at Kaplankaya presenting an international group exhibition. The show features well-known positions of König Galerie’s program, expressed in a variety of media. Set into a new context with artists from Pilevneli, insightful connections and exciting dialogues develop between the works.



At the exhibition at Kaplankaya, renowned artists of both galleries are presented, pursuing the declared goal of bringing art and artists closer to an international audience on a local level. With Katharina Grosse, Jeppe Hein, Erwin Wurm or Anette Kelm, Refik Anadol, Bora Akıncıtürk or Esra Gülmen, König Galerie and Pilevneli unite the best of their programs expressing their arts in a variety of media. Esra Gülmen shows various works ranging from large-scale prints to sculptures, which are set throughout the gallery, in the café, and in the garden.



Johann König and Esra Gülmen are going to collaborate again at Forward Festival Berlin and will elaborate questions about where the art market is going as well as what an artist makes.