Max Siedentopf surprised us with an odd video: He’s playing popstar Sigrid while running enthusiastically through a Sound Of Music scenery while lip-syncing “Hey, it’s alright if we don’t end up together ’cause you’re mine right now”.



Forward Speaker Max did not just direct the music video, but also stepped in for Sigrid who couldn’t make it due to delayed and canceled flights: There was a team of 40 people ready to shoot, but no artist. Well…


“Literally everything went wrong. Travel with park rangers, police stops, collapsed sets, loads of bad weather…my biggest weakness is singing, and I’m now in a music video, so let’s see how it goes.” says Max.


Even the beautiful sets that the team created a few days before were destroyed by a storm. After spending one month planning the shoot, which took place in the Bulgarian mountains, Toto-Forever-Max took one for the team, overcame his fear of singing and became Sigrid. We didn’t expect anything less from our creative multitalented wunderkind.


“We had big weather storms, our sets collapsed, we got chased from the mountain by park rangers, there was a serial killer on the loose in the area, my dog passed away and so much more.” Max says that the shoot quickly turned into a “Fyre Festival of music videos” – we’re glad he kept on going, reminding every one of us that if things do go wrong, keep your head up and push forward.


See you in Hamburg next week!



Take a look at the video: