After successfully pulling off more than 25 Forward Festivals in 5 cities over almost 8 years, producing our own Forward Magazine in print and online, as well as working for renowned clients, we have been asking ourselves: What should we focus on next as an agency?

Should we pitch for more clients and then just do some regular marketing and advertising jobs like everyone else? Nope, we quickly decided that we will focus on the core of our Forward vision: to foster and expand the true potentials of creativity. Our agency is THE hub between creatives and brands, using our platforms to amplify the huge potential of local and international creative talent that is surrounding us.



“The highest human act is to inspire. Inspiration is the metric that dictates whether or not a project is a success.”

(Nipsey Hussle)


As a first step on this journey we started to feature all the creatives that we work with on our new website. We don’t have any nameless or faceless graphic designers here. Our creatives have names – and legacies! Each of them can make brands and projects shine brighter than ever.

It comes as no surprise that we asked the creative coders of Huangart and the graphic design wizards of Zwupp to put the new website to life. Both have a long history in working with Forward and are also part of the network, which makes the creation of this very website a great example of what we are doing here.



The network has come to stay – and to grow

For the launch, Forward Network already features more than 30 creatives from 14 fields of the industry and puts an extra spotlight on local creatives and the city of Vienna as a creative hub. The great variety of disciplines offers photography, AR/VR, motion design, 3D, creative code, film, sound design, street art, lettering, AI, text and illustration.




Building a perpetuum mobile of creativity

Within the first week after the launch, we already received many inquiries by creatives from all over the world, and of course we ourselves have a list of creatives we would very much love to work with, making it the “ever growing” network the industry was waiting for.

And also each of our upcoming Forward Festivals will extend this circle of fantastic creatives. Each speaker and each visitor of the Festivals, that are next up in Berlin (Sept 22.+23.) and Vienna (Oct 6.+7.), is a potential candidate.

So, in all modesty, you can kind of call us the greatest engineers ever, ‘cause we built a perpetuum mobile of creativity. Stay tuned for more creatives coming up soon – if you want to apply yourself, you can do so via the website.



Connecting brands and creatives since 2015

The main aim of Forward Festivals is to connect creatives and to offer a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, while Forward Creatives focuses on building bridges between creatives and brands. To foster an environment that builds perspectives for the future, Forward focuses on a unique mix of creatives from different cultures, disciplines and backgrounds.

Since its founding in 2015, Forward expanded and started this very Online Magazine as well as a Print Magazine, the Forward Festivals took place in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich. Over the years more than 600 speakers stepped on the various Forward stages to inspire tens of thousands of attendees. By now the team behind Forward consists of 13 people, whose shared vision is to foster and expand the true potentials of creativity.



Forward is not only booking and producing the Festivals, but also successfully managing hundreds and hundreds of projects for a diverse range of renowned brands, ranging from events and exhibitions, to street art campaigns, publications, social media marketing and digital art projects.

This unique experience and expertise is our foundation for establishing the Network as a platform for the advancement of cooperation within the creative industries, as well as to enable the best possible cooperation and outcome for brands and creatives.


The launch of Forward Network is supported by Vienna Business Agency.