The Centre for Impossible Media shows that pretty much everything is possible with virtual art. The project is a collaboration between Universal Everything and Human Studio and is a VR exhibition platform for visionary artists.



How can we present art, especially during a pandemic? That is one of the many questions, that kept the creative industry busy lately. With museums and galleries being shut down, digital spheres are presenting themselves as a good alternative. The Centre for Impossible Media is a new bespoke VR exhibition platform for moving artworks, enabling artists to take their ideas beyond the boundaries of the physical. The project challenges artists to take the opportunity to see their artwork and the exhibition environment as one.



With this in mind, the virtual environments are fluid and can be so much more than white walls or a frame. The Centre for Impossible Media aims to question and escape the rectangle or box, that have defined the default structures to artistic display for so long. It will allow artists, designer, and producers from the film, fashion, art, and music worlds to extend their creative vision and build the ultimate home for their works.

(c) Universal Everything, Human Studio

The first exhibition, that is shown on the Centre for Impossible Media, revolves around the topic “UE VR: Beyond Human”. It is a retrospective exhibition of Universal Everything moving image artwork presented in virtual reality for the first time.



Both Universal Everything and Human Studio have a background working with virtual art and have explored virtual reality for some time. The current circumstances have forced them to bring their ideas for virtual exhibitions to life.