Can design save our planet? As the Amazon rainforests are still burning and other ugly things are happening on earth, designers may ask themselves: how can we have a positive impact through design? By choosing your clients wisely, designing smart disposable packaging and environmental or political campaigns, and thus generally promoting a healthier and happier Earth through design – there are thousands of ways. And more importantly: don’t let your head down because of the disappearance of Banksy’s Brexit mural in London.

In times like these, designers should have ecological and sustainable principles in mind during the whole design process. Such as recycling, the use of renewable energy in production, material, durability, function, and cost. The shape of a product should follow sustainable design principles to effectively reduce waste and carbon emissions in order to save natural resources.


We collected some beautiful design inspirations that are aiming to save our world:


Amazon is still on fire. The other one.

A group of anonymous activist creatives created a video for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to buy the Amazon rainforest.

“Now is the chance to give something back that gave you a name and so much more.”

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No Planet No Fun Project in Barcelona


This project was initiated by two close friends, with the goal to communicate ugly truths in a beautiful manner.  They both have something they call “eco-anxiety” which led them to this project, as well as initiating an exhibition in December 2019 in Barcelona to raise funds for our beloved planet. On their Instagram channel, they share illustrations to make people aware of our dying planet and to show them how easy it actually is to change everyday habits and take small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Custom Letterings for Greenpeace in Vienna


Greenpeace’s advertising campaign deliberately plays with fake news to draw attention to unrealistic best-before dates. It aims to point out that foods often have a much longer shelf life than indicated. There is a call-to-action as well motivating people to sign the petition against food waste.

Agency: Merlicek & Grossebner Text: Lukas Grossebner, Michael Wittmann Grafik: Peter Mayer, HFA Studio Illustration & Lettering: HFA Studio / Product Photography: Bernhard Angerer / Retouch: Blaupapier

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Sustainable chairs that last from Pennsylvania

Emeco is a brand, who design chairs and tables mostly from recycled stuff like aluminum and sustainable materials like cork and say:  “The point is to make really good chairs. Good means more than just for sitting.” Their environmental policy is focused on sustainability in the form of recycled materials and longevity. Since 1944, they have been building chairs from at least 80 percent recycled aluminum and continue to do so.

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Sustainable LED lighting bulbs from London

Tala is a British lighting brand based in London. Founded in 2013, the company specializes in low-energy LED lighting products that recreate the warm glow of traditional bulbs.

The founders weren’t happy with the LED brands on the market, so they founded their own company on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. From their London-based studio, they explore the tension between sustainability, technology, and design. They also support reforestation programs around the world.

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From starting your own project to helping other brands spread their message through your beautiful design – there are literally millions of ways you can help the planet by being a designer.