Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

Mariusz Jan Demner, at 22, was studying law, art and journalism. His path seemed clear.


However, on the way to research for his Law thesis, he bumped into a family friend who asked him if he knew an agency he could recommend for his textile manufacturing company. Demner grasped he had a potential client in front of him and made up an agency on the spot: The company that was to become Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann/DMB was born in a flash of an opportunity while walking on the street and the path ahead would never be the same again.


Demner has since been an autodidact advertiser and has never stopped learning the trade – coming up with some of Austria’s most successful and lauded advertisements and communication campaigns. The agency is Austria’s no. 1 for already 20 years and has held some of its most successful clients for decades, an anomaly in the ever-changing communications business. From its Vienna office, DMB is operating in more than 12 European countries.


In his presentation Mariusz Jan Demner will talk about the impact of art and artist-friends who inspired his work and life. How communication was essential in getting Austria into the EU and winning two Chancellor elections. How to employ dozens of the greatest names from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former USSR-president Gorbachev, Cindy Crawford, Jackie Chan to legend Billy Wilder – appearing in his only advertisement. You will realize that constructing an agency which lasts for decades means deconstructing it from time to time. Ultimately, Demner will show you why it is not enough to walk the talk but, that you have to dance it down a new path – especially in the digital age.