Hashtag Bingo with Karl Anders

  • 4700-2-0
  • Hamburg 2019 / Happening / Happening
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Karl Anders from Hamburg is the kiddie pool in your neighbour’s backyard. Plus it’s summer. For the Forward Festival, Claudia Fischer-Appelt and Lars Kreyenhagen bring over the bestest shit from up north: Hashtag Bingo. An interactive, colorful, audiovisual 360 degree experience for the new bingo player generation. Fun meets fantasy, contemporary meets timeless. 3,2,1, bingo!


Six years and going the design studio represents delusions of grandeur on a small scale. A typography smoothie in the morning, a cocktail made of fashion, art and wild ideas at night. Always looking for new recipes. In a reliable infrequency, the house-made collective ‚Der Zirkel, der macht‘ hosts theme nights in a homely co-working space in St. Pauli. Previews and pop-up salons, readings and concerts, in a nutshell: festivals of sensation. And the experience shows that for all intents and purposes there is nothing more beautiful than playing a game of Hashtag Bingo with your loved ones.