aws impulse: Design Innovations

aws impulse: Design Innovations – New ideas with potential


The idea that innovation only relates to technology has long been obsolete. The defining term today is impact innovation. The starting point in Austria lies within the creative industries, which aws has been supporting for more than ten years. Our talk will highlight the fundamental value of ideas. Their great potential will be acknowledged by presenting three innovative companies we had the pleasure to work with. Our aws impulse expert Karoline Berghuber will talk with these successful innovators about their innovations as well as the funding that contributed to the realization of their ideas.


Wolfgang Tschaukos game VR Giants‘s novelty lies in the fact that its minimalist world can be used by two people simultaneously. Kasra Seirafi developes with HoloMuse an innovative augmented reality communication concepts for museums coupled with a software solution to create augmented exhibition applications. Lukas Angst from KEEGO has created a novel drinking bottle for athletes by combining the advantages of plastic and metal bottles: a drinking bottle made of flexible titanium with a unique design language.