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Appreciation Rules! To work in the creative industries and in communications are adventurous fields. There is no usual day, no hackwork. Being a creative and working in this branch requires to be skillful in almost everything. With a certain amount of sensitivity and expertise much more is achieved as you might take in at first sight. This is why the ‚Fachgruppe Werbung und Marktkommunikation Vienna’ initiated the ‚Appreciation Campaign’.

The focus of the campaign which was launched early February 2018 is to raise awareness by showing best practice cases. The initiative started with four major cases by well-known Austrian brands. But throughout the weeks more stories were told. Members of the local creative industry started to enter their positive experiences with their clients. By the end of March 40 individual cases were entered which can be seen on the Fachgruppe blog.

The starting signal for this campaign were talks with other creatives such as small business owners (e.g. a communication agency, a design studio) as well as the quite shocking result of the ‚Honorarium Study’.

The study showed that within the past ten years the remuneration of creatives decreased by 25-40 %. So this result had a major impact too and assured the initiators to forego with their appreciation campaign.

Appreciation Rules! Marco Schreuder, Chairman of the „Fachgruppe Werbung und Marktkommunikation Wien“ will be speaking about the initiative and the aspect in general during the Forward Festival Vienna. He will be joined by Anna-Lena Rosenkranz an industrial psychologist who will explain why appreciation matters.

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