Cihan Tamti

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Cihan Tamti: Concurring the world straight outta Bochum.


Like many young designers, Cihan completed a job education and studied afterwards. Since 2010 he is virtually active in the design field. His career as a designer started through self-initiated projects alongside his studies. The projects were realized in and for social media.


He gained over 55k followers on Instagram in a matter of months. Meanwhile he has publications, articles in all design media, few podcasts and interviews. His work plays with many different colors, shapes and types, creating a very specific style that one could look at for ages. The goal was to gain international clients this way from the small town he lives in – and he certainly did!


He has worked with and for brands like Adobe, Rosenthal, Calvin Klein, Fugees, Ms. Lauryn Hill, A day to Remember and many more.


Cihan will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Mr. Bingo, Luis Perez, Sofia Crespo and many more.