Anthony Burrill

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Anthony Burrill: Creative Icon with inspiring messages.


Graphic artist Anthony Burrill combines a knack for simplicity that packs a punch with analogue craft skills and powerful, positive messages. Burrill frequently collaborates with other forward-thinking creatives. These creatives span over several disciplines. From music, architecture to curation, education and more; pushing his traditional discipline of choice, letterpress printing, into bold new territories.


Words, gentle humour, no-nonsense communication and people are at the heart of Burrill’s practice and his distinctive brand of upbeat messaging: its core DNA is one created through a longstanding passion for creativity without limitations, the power of simplicity and an innate curiosity about the world and people in it.


Anthony Burrill will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Ju Schnee, Gavin Strange and many more.