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The XR installation GNOTHI SEAUTON (Know thyself) is a sensual impression of our digital self-image. It raises Questions on boundaries between our perception of digital and real space and our consciousness in the Big Data Era. The collective strives for a closer dialogue between different disciplines while applying artistic, scientific and design-based approaches.


This talk is supported by the XR HUB Bavaria/Munich.
The XR HUB Bavaria aims at making Bavaria more visible and further strengthening it as in international top location for eXtended Realities (XR) in terms of research & development, industry applications, entertainment & arts experiences as well as their distribution.
The XR HUB supports interdisciplinary research and collaboration.
It is supported by the Bavaria State Ministry for Digital Affairs.



Aida Bakhtiari As initiator of the collective Gnothi Seauton, Aida Bakhtiari brings people from different disciplines together to develop new content for Virtual Reality in interdisciplinary collaboration. She is a master student at the AdBk and studies art and LMU in Munich and deals with media and educational projects.


Alexander Degner works as Unity Developer and Tech-Artist for the k5Factory Munich. Within the collective Gnothi-Seauton he creates and develops graphics and game mechanics. He studied Film Design Animation / Visual Effects in Munich and contributes his experience from the animation film industry to the Gnothi Seauton project..


Katrin Savvulidi founded several collectives as a master student of the ADBK and founded the Artist Residency in Kollnburg. She is dedicated to enabling spaces for the development of artists and works as a freelance artist in the Domagk-studios.


Daniel Door is a Munich based musician and artist. He approaches his environment via the microphone. Experimental sound recordings e.g. of airplane wrecks, sparkling mineral water, the resonance of the whiskey bottle and feedback loops from corrugated sheet metal form the basis of his objects and installations.