Drieke Leenknegt

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The Intersection of Art and Science: Unlocking the Power of Cross-Pollination and Collaboration to Elevate Brands, Businesses and Human Potential



Drieke Leenknegt’s keynote is about the fundamentals behind successful partnerships between brands and creatives. It’s about the ins and outs of great collaborations and how each is an integration of things, thoughts and people that are brought together in different and meaningful ways.
Leenknegt is a Global Executive in marketing and management with the unique ability to bring creative and business worlds together. Drieke’s worldview comes from a 20-year career at Nike where she held leadership positions in Europe, China, and the U.S. in communications, product, marketing, and GM roles. She led a unique portfolio of collaborations for one of the worlds’ most dynamic brands by leveraging a distinct global network of innovators, creatives, influencers, and business leaders. Strategic and intuitive, she loves to create a vision and translate it into action by working with a diverse group of people.
In her own words: “At the heart of every successful collaboration and partnership within an organization, outside or everything in between, is a cross-pollination of thinking as the base of innovation. I am a strong advocate for diversity, not only of race and gender or age but also a diversity of thought. It allows your organization to move forward, to create new space and to sustain business growth.”