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DXTR The Weird & Robert Hranitzky: Illustration X Animation


DXTR The Weird and Robert Hranitzky do not want to ignore the topics climate change and sustainability. As responsible & conscious fathers, they are concerned about the effect of “our” actions and the impact they will have on our planet. Both of them want to leave a mark, and both creative masterminds have worked for Adobe in the past. They also have been active for customers such as Patagonia, Amnesty International, Apple, Wacom, and many other well-known organizations. Now they are taking on a special project together: Over the course of this year, the two interdisciplinary creatives will bring the Creative Trend “Environmental Documentary” to life with the help of illustration and animation in order to visualize their own interpretation of the topics environmental protection and climate change.


DXTR is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Part of “the Weird” Crew, DXTR translates his bold, vibrant style between wall and print, pumping fresh design-work into the world through all available channels.


Robert works as a designer based in Munich, Germany, with a strong focus on motion graphics and animation for a wide range of projects – from opening titles to showroom trailers and film projects.