Sofie Fatouretchi

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Sofie Fatouretchi, who was born in California to Iranian and Austrian parents, grew up between the US and Vienna. Sofie is an artist, curator, DJ and a talented musician in her own right, being a classically trained instrumentalist, playing the violin and viola since she was four, as well as self taught on the piano.


After previously working for the LA label Stones Throw Records, where her 2LP “Sofie’s SOS Tape” was released in 2016, Boiler Room, and the now-defunct New York station East Village Radio, she is currently based in Vienna. Here she studies painting at the University for Applied Art, pursues a teaching degree in Philosophy, Psychology and English, plays the violin in the Wiener Akademische Philharmonie, DJs and hosts a radio show on ORF’s FM4 as well as on the London based station NTS.