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Charlotte Bufler presents leading creative Women, their drive and lots of their stunning work.


Surprising opinions, an experiment, and one conclusion:
“Don’t talk about gender. Talk about business.”



The Bible of the Creatives: Latest News


Luerzer’s Archive PREVIEW + The God of the Creatives


Month by month the best creatives around the globe send their hottest work to Luerzer’s Archive to be published in the magazine that shows „state of the art“ in ideas and trends. Luerzer’s Archive influences the creative industrie in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, St. Pauli, Shangrila, St. Pölten or Shanghai.


Eyery issue comes with an interview of one of the most brillant heads of our time. People, who call the Archive „The bible of the creatives.“ Well.


Charlotte Bufler and HP Albrecht will show some of the creative wonders which will be part oft he next issue of Luerzer’s Archive.


Bonus-Chorus: A supershort light on Howard Luck Gossage, the God of Creatives.


Present believers will have the chance to grab a) a special issue and/or b) the latest issue for free.