The Future of Work

Panel discussion moderated by Forward at Design Biennale Zürich

Saturday 9 September, 13:00

@ Biennale Zentrum (Hochhaus zu Bastei, Bärengasse 29, Zürich)

Fabio Gramazio, Gramazio Kohler Research
Janina Falkner, Curator at Museum for Applied Arts / Contemporary Art (MAK)
Alessandro Curioni, Director at IBM Research Lab Zürich
Anders Hedberg, Global Talent Summit


Digitalisation has revolutionised both our private and professional lives. We spend so much of our lives working. The way we work has changed, as we head in a direction that is more collaborative, interdisciplinary, automated, global and industry-focused. We define how we want to work and what constitutes work.


New factors including the decision to work with robots, machines, automated processes or artificial intelligence; or the decision to work with industry, the intersection of commercial partners with the creative world, are impacting the way we design and make projects.


Why are creatives still vital when speaking about the future of work? Can creativity really be replaced by robots? What is the potential of design in this process? Is the role of the creative as independent and autonomous still relevant?


The urgency of the topic is clear: it affects the whole of society. As many jobs are being replaced across industries and new ways of working emerge, a transition is underway to redefine the future of work.


“Forward firmly believes that innovation is not only about technology. The dynamic of Forward Festival – that is, the ideas of the creative community and the zest to push these forward – fabricated by a community with value and authenticity who passionately believe in what they are doing, drives our work. We want to show that society is changing from one that is profit orientated to one that is common – based on collaborative, innovative ideas and output. We want to further the values and working ethic of our network to the wider community.” – Lukas Kauer, Founder Forward Festival.


In the context of Zürich’s first Design Biennale, this panel discussion hosted by Forward will discuss if we can expand the notion of work, how we as creatives imagine to work moving forward and ultimately, where the future of work lies.