Every month we collaborate with wemakeit, in order to show you successful projects and behind-the-scene knowledge from the projects’ initiators. It’s amazing to see what the combination of creative ideas and the power of people can create.


The focus of our 9th edition lies on 4 successful fashion projects.

See how the fashion collection from a Bachelor’s students looks like real couture, learn how to challenge the fast fashion trend with sustainable clothing from head to toe, and get inspired by socks!



«Sarah’s Bachelor Fashion Collection»


Sarah Bounabs got her passion for fashion from her grandfather who was a tailor. Her collection is both provocative and extravagant. Inspired by eroticism, but also by the mountains and skiing, her goal was to make the classic ski locker room (wool sweater, knit mesh, down jacket) more erotic. The outcome is beautiful. Considering the fact that her work was «only» her Bachelor’s fashion collection (at HEAD, Geneva) we see a bright future in the fashion business for Sarah.

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«Moya Kala Ethical Lingerie»


Fashion is often an aesthetic statement, but it can be so much more. The Start-up moya kala wants to show the world that lingerie can be a symbol of social awareness. Their very first underwear collection «pure joy» is sustainable, transparent and challenges the fast fashion trend. Furthermore, it stands for women’s dignity. moya kala started out in 2017 and after two years of extensive development, they came up with slips and loungewear made of innovative materials that would have ended up in the dustbin.

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moya kala – Ethical Lingerie from David Sommerhalder on Vimeo.





In their own opinion, the people from Und+Co. are not the best designers or the hippest trendsetters. But they are enthusiastic when it comes to fashion. They started to make clothing because they were sick of the bad quality garments and how the workers and the environment are exploited by the fast fashion industry. So the guys from Und+Co. came up with the idea to make sustainable clothing and accessories that are stylish and at the same time respect the planet and the workers, all at a fair price.

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UND+CO. from Sven Rüegg on Vimeo.


«1898 Socken»


What’s the outcome if you are a sock designer and also a die-hard fan of your local football club? That’s right: Socks dedicated to your favorite team. Thomas Jakobson is passionate about designing beautiful socks that are made in the very last sock manufacturer of Switzerland. When his local football club, BSC Young Boys from Bern, was on its way to win the Swiss championship, Thomas decided to create socks in the colors of the team – yellow and black. From now on every BSC Young Boys fan can get the perfect pair of socks for his outfit.

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