After weeks of lockdown and countless video calls, we are tired of our own apartments. Stop redecorating your home office space, skip the fancy bookshelf and artsy prints – Studio Ghibli has something much more fun to step up your video call game.

We don’t know about you but by now, we’d rather be sitting in the land of Princess Mononoke than in our same old rooms. It would probably also be more interesting to check on our neighbor Totoro instead of the ones we keep on seeing every day.

Thanks to Studio Gibhli, there’s a way. Download their videocall backgrounds for free on their official website.

Surprise your co-workers by chilling with the giant Nightwalker forest spirit from Princess Mononoke or skip tidying up your home office by calling from the hat shop from Howl’s Moving Castle. With eight backgrounds to choose from (and more to come), which one would you pick?