The French brand, which is famous for their “pliage” bag teamed up with Toiletpaper to create a capsule collection. With it, they invite you to enter the pop revolution. The collaboration gives iconic designs a contemporary twist


For those who are not familiar with the background of Toiletpaper: the magazine was founded in 2010 by the Italian photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and artist Maurizio Cattelan. With a focus on surreal, playful, bright colors and word plays, one can really immerse oneself into the visual world without distraction of advertising or articles.



Over time, the unique style of the magazine has grown beyond the printed matter and led to a whole range of designs in the original Toiletpaper aesthetic: From interior design pieces, beauty products, clothing and wallpapers, you can live your whole life in Toiletpaper aesthetic.



Micol Talso is the Art Director at Toiletpaper magazine and a truly inspiring female figure in the art and design world: Having studied art, advertising, graphic design and photography, she worked 11 years in the advertising industry in Italy and Argentina, before deciding to work by herself and become independent. Soon after that, she became part of Toiletpaper’s team. What she loves most about Toiletpaper: “[…] it has its own strong identity, its very recognizable[…]”



We spoke to Micol in the 3rd issue of our print magazine, which you can get here. She shared insights about her workflow, what had brought her to the position of creative director of Toiletpaper and what piece of advice she would give to her younger self. Get your copy to read it, alongside conversations with Jessica Walsh, Malika Favre and Oliviero Toscani.



The creative team continuously collaborates with artists (Giampiero Romanò, Martin Parr or Niccolò Spirito, to name a few) and brands (Lavazza, Samsung, Nike, Diesel e.g.) alike. Their latest coup is a playful collaboration with Longchamp, where the eye-catching images are printed on the classic designs of the French fashion house.


Consisting of bags (travelbag, handbag, shopper, pouch, all with a variety of prints on recycled polyester canvas), two key rings and a headband reading “Toiletchamp Longpaper”, the collection emphasizes the attributes both brands are known for: durable, iconic bags and extraordinary art prints in a collage style. The headband shows the play of words, which is such a major part of Toiletpaper’s work, while the printed motives are visually screaming Toiletpaper.



Micol Talso joined the Toiletpaper Magazine team as Art Director in the early days. She and the team of graphic designers, producers, editors and film makers create projects and multi-media advertising campaigns and editorial projects. In the creative industry, few studios have developed such a unique, recognizable visual identity which adapts to whatever project they’re working on.




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