Calling all creative minds! It’s time for the next and greatest summer edition of career opportunities. We’ve compiled a list of exciting open calls, that may capture your interest. From AI fellowships to architectural grants and poster competition. Keep reading to discover the diverse prospects ahead and take action!


Superbude x QM&A Artist in Residence

QM&A Artist Collective is now offering a residency for an artist living in Austria or neighboring countries, but outside Vienna who identifies as Black, PoC or (post)migrant* or is a refugee. This artist will get the opportunity to be part of the QM&A Artist Collective for one month, thereby getting an insight into the Viennese art scene.

DL 14. 06. 2023
Vienna, Austria
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AUGE NEXT Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship is designed to support young European artists working in various fields of digital media art: immersive art (XR/AR/VR), data visualisation and sonification, AI/ML, and others. The Programme will provide the selected artists with a fee of €4000. Applicants must be EU residents or taxpayers in an EU member country.

DL 15.06.2023
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Foam Talent Call 2023

Foam is an international and multifaceted photography museum, based in Amsterdam. The call specifically addresses emerging artists: someone in an early stage of their career, who is developing work with a distinct style. Apply now for the chance to be in the spotlight of the international photography world.

DL 18. 06. 2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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7th Extinction: Mentoring and Artistic Residency

The residency project focused on the most pressing issues of evolution, extinction and environmental crisis. This open call is for musicians, music producers and visual artists (VJs, video producers, visual creatives) between 18 and 35 years old who live in Portugal or Germany. The programme covers travel, accommodation, and a daily fee.

DL 19.06.2023
Portugal, Germany
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Urban Festival

This year themed ‘Urban Pause’. The open call is mostly aimed at city-loving students of art and architecture, but everyone interested in experimenting with installations in public space is welcome to participate. The festival offers an artist fee for the participants (1400€) and covers production costs (up to 1400€) in addition to compensating transportation and accommodation.

DL 22.06.2023
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Parasol- Call for dancers and performers

Each year, a group of five professional dance artists and performers gets the opportunity to work with two choreographers on two dance pieces to be developed and performed at TQW.

DL 30.06.2023.
Vienna, Austria
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The Art Residency hosted by Platform, scheduled for 2024, has been crafted to bring this long-awaited dream project to life. This is the moment to express your true artistic vision. The residency offers accommodation, travel expenses and a working grant (300 € per week). They also offer a small production budget of 1000 €.

Vasa, Finland
DL 30. 06. 2023
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Steirischer Herbst: Research Residency Fellowship

Steirischer Herbst is an annual festival for contemporary art in Graz. The fellowship will run for one month starting in September 2023. Fellows receive a stipend of 1500 EUR plus an accommodation allowance of up to 500 EUR. Research proposals should address one of the proposed topics.

DL 1.07.2023
Graz, Austria
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REAKTOR: Visual Arts Residency

The chosen artists will be invited to further develop their concept and to plan its practical implementation and realisation supported by REAKTOR’s team. The resulting work of art will be showcased to the public within an exhibition or other suiting format of presentation in February 2024.

Vienna, Austria
DL 15. 07. 2023
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OPEN CALL: Become a Speaker at Forward Festival Vienna!

We invite you to present your extraordinary creative idea at the renowned Forward Festival. Become one of the Speakers and talk in front of an international community of creatives.

The program is designed for creatives who have innovative and unique ideas from media, design, fashion, arts, film, music and architecture! Apply now.

DL 17. 07. 2023
Vienna, Austria
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The festival is looking for projects/works/processes at the intersection of nature and technology. Projects can include installations, A/V performances, soundscapes, video, mapping.

DL 25.07.2023
Pergola, Italy
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International Poster Competition

Launched in 2014, the International Poster Competition is recognised as one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary posters, receiving over 47,000+ entries from over 100 countries since launching. The competition is now open for entry and you are invited to participate.

DL 8. 08. 2023
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Werner Fenz Grant for Art in Public Space 2024

The biennial grant will be awarded by the festival for contemporary art steirischer herbst and the City of Graz. It targets national and international projects that address the cultural and political context of Graz. It is endowed with 17,000 euros, of which 12,000 are dedicated to the realization of the artwork and 5,000 to the artist’s fee. The call is open to artists from all countries.

DL 15.08.2023
Graz, Austria
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This call is intended for both local and international artists, curators, curatorial teams, project managers, etc., wishing to present projects in accordance with the theme of this year ‘white sea olive groves’. The maximum eligible amount per project is 13,000 EUR.

DL 25.08.2023
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Preus Museum Open Call

How can democracy, nature and AI tell us something about evolution, diversity and manipulation? How can this be expressed through photography? The exhibition will be part of the Oslo Negativ photo festival 14. – 29. October 2023

DL 5. 09. 2023
Oslo, Norway
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