Together with OHNE DEN HYPE, Forward welcomes you inside the mind of creatives, artists and designers! In intimate and personal conversations with Forward-speakers, industry legends and creative shooting stars, the podcast evolves around personal topics – completely without the hype that usually surrounds them. This third edition has the esteemed graphic designer Eike König in the spotlight, reminiscing about his youth and the remarkable path that led him to where he is right now.


Eike König is considered to be one of the giants in the German art, design and graphics industry and has risen up to – what can be called – quite the celebrity status among his peers. His broad portfolio spreads across many different areas, from sculpture, painting and typography, to branding and printing, in addition to also being an educator at the HfG Offenbach in Germany.



Although he has lots to do, he took his time for the podcast interview and the entire atmosphere with him can be described as very relaxed. Contrary to expectations, Eike surely is not a hectic person or the type to rush.

This episode focuses on Eike as a person rather than Eike the designer. In this intimate conversation, Mr. König looks back at his beginnings, his childhood and youth, the reason he came to Berlin, the burnout with 30 years old as well as the collaboration between his studio Hort and Nike, teaching at university and why he has chosen a very free model of life, as he calls it.



Eike König is one of the highlights at Forward Festival Vienna, where he will be share insights into the creative process of his most prestigious projects.