Digital Design Studio TeYosh teamed up with web developer Rifke Sadleir to create their newest project for Cinekid Festival – an interactive web experience about consumerism, climate change, and sustainability.



Working on that project they have been asking themselves “How do small everyday choices affect our environment?” Big time! Working on that topic, they created a digital non-linear interactive experience for Cinekid Medialab in Amsterdam commenting on consumerism and sustainability. The result: the choices game Eco Fortune Teller.



As you enter the website, you get to meet Mother Nature herself, who is ready to predict your future. TeYosh tried to process this heavy topic in a fun, pop, contemporary, digestible way. It is a web experience led by two opposing characters: the Mother Earth Fortune Teller and the Evil Consumerist. Mother Earth takes you shopping, and by your consumer behaviour, she predicts the future of planet earth.


(c) TeYosh Digital Design Studio


In this choice game, you get to decide whether to go by car or walk, to buy bottled water, or use your thermos. While choosing wisely, the evil consumerist tries to distract you. And because no web game would be complete without a personality test, Mother Earth tells you which consumer personality you are.


(c) TeYosh Digital Design


TeYosh Studio and Rifke Sadleir released their project at the opening of Cinekid Festival and describe the Eco Fortune Teller as the most complex project they have worked on so far. Are you ready to see planet earth´s future?