Looping Lovers is a multidimensional artist-duo represented by Philipp Ries and Thomas Mayer. Their unique style includes elements that float and move freely in digital space, but not just in digital spaces. One of their new projects includes an exhibition in a museum. In this interview, Looping Lovers talk about how they manage to use nonverbal communication in the form of body language in their projects and what tools and workflows they use to achieve a digital sensuality.


Tell us about one of your recent projects you’ve enjoyed working on. What makes you enjoy a project?

We have been working on an exhibition for the Kunsthalle Rostock. It is exciting to plan an exhibition in real spaces outside of the digital world – the pc. It’s definitely new and brings challenges for us. To bring our work together in a museum is definitely something else and new. Especially watching the visitors look at our work is really amazing.



What is the role of a body and humanoid elements in your oeuvre?

We are exploring non-verbal communication in the form of body language. Where pictorial gestures carry more weight than the loud obvious expressions. The use of digital humanoids gives us the opportunity to shape every detail according to our vision, it is a playground for feelings that we can mix, break and reinterpret. The human body as the center and starting point for our work allows us to encapsulate any mood we want to put in a looping experience.


How would you describe your creative process?

It has always been a dialogue between experimenting and experience. We explore new tools and let control go to discover new ways of expressing our inner world. With navigating the process of using unknown potentials and features. This is what we do mainly from a technical perspective.


Seeing artworks for the first time is the most satisfying part of any process – because its often unplanned and new for us.


Please add a spontaneous yet descriptive quote about Cinema 4D.

It is an easy learning curve that carries users a very long way.


What is the best thing about NFTs art scene?

It is about connecting with an audience that sees value in our work. This is unique for us compared to other platforms. It has given us the opportunity to see our work through different eyes and has elevated our artwork and us as an artist duo. It’s really opened our eyes to what we’ve been doing for the past few years.



Which Maxon tools or features are essential in your work?

There are many tools to be used. But for us the most important ones are the deformers and especially the spline wrapper. With the deformers we started our learning curve of Cinema4D. The spline wrapper was and still is one of the most used deformers for us.


How did you end up working with each other?

Our paths crossed with the beginning of our studies at the university of applied sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. With our Background in Industrial-, Interaction- & Strategic Design we believe in purity and simplicity. We were always focused on user centric designs and form function in class. So we adapted them to our humanoid figures. LoopingLovers became a way to break out of the norm and thus create a side project for us to collaborate on.


Any summer plans?

Sadly our Summer plans for 2022 got cancelled due to too many projects we have to focus on. But stay tuned, they are going to be exceptional.



Looping Lovers presented by Maxon is one of our key speakers at Forward Festival Berlin this year.
They will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Eike König, Johanna Jaskowska, Builders Club and many more.