The Moon Exhibition Lockdown Special aims to support the creative community during the crisis by connecting them and giving them a platform to express their ideas.

Isolated times lead to creative ideas, and we received plenty of interesting projects which we will be sharing in the following weeks. In our fifth edition, Maximilian Prag and Marlene Kager present yanchi, their mix of a virtual festival that can be explored as a first-person videogame and also curates digital art and music experiences.




About the Project

a virtual festival claiming a safe space on the intersection of art and technology.
celebrating contemporary culture and future realms by showcasing mixes, artworks and hybrid club culture environments with audiovisual nuggets to discover.

yanchi is a project by Marlene Kager and Maximilian Prag.
It was developed as a proof of concept prototype for a branding exercise in the class for graphic design at University of Applied Arts Vienna. First, the concept and design of a festival in a virtual space were worked out and in January 2020 a playable version was built in Unity.

In the first weeks of the lockdown, the project was reconceptualized as a first-person player experience navigating a hybrid virtual club injected with digital art and music experiences.
The player gets to discover the virtual world at their own pace. It is constructed around stages hosting mixes by Fauna, ID Klang, Bushra and Tony Renaissance. Additionally, it shows artworks by Valentino Skarwan, Marlene Jonane and Andreas Palfinger (soon). The project is set to be updated and extended with more artists to follow.

It is available for download on Mac and Windows and can be installed locally.
Learn how to use it by looking at the instructions part and find out more about it here.




Download yanchi for free here



Welcome to BUSHRA

Here you can listen to a 50min dj set


Welcome to FAUNA

Here you can listen to a 30min dj set with a lot of self produced stuff


Welcome to IDKLANG

Here you can listen to a 30min live set


Welcome to Tony Renaissance

Here you can listen to a 35min live set (2 tracks are exclusive unreleased leaks for yanchi)



to enter the VR

After downloading the version that fits your operating system click OPEN
If a warning sign appears AND YOU CAN’T OPEN THE APP press CMD + RIGHT CLICK for the context menu and click open again, agree, there you go.

Now you select how much diopters you want to have (the resolution)
(this depends on the processing power of your device)
Recommendation: Screen resolution: 1680:1050
Graphics quality: High
Click PLAY!

Welcome to yanchi
You are now at the start, try to find your way around and discover.

Follow the lights, they will lead you to something.



to take a look around MOUSE/TRACKPAD
move, if your dominant hand is right W, A, S, D
move, if your dominant hand is left UP-, DOWN-, LEFT-, and RIGHT- ARROW
to jump SPACE BAR
if you want to run a little faster SHIFT + MOVE
to exit game CMD + Q



concept & development

Marlene Kager
Maximilian Prag





Toni Renaissance


Valentino Skarwan

Andreas Palfinger

Marlene Jonane


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