Attention art heads! After London, Seoul, and Tokyo, Berlin’s KÖNIG GALERIE just opened its newest art space in Vienna. The opening exhibition at the Kleines Haus der Kunst is all about “One Decade Of Female Sculptors” and shows works by Katharina Grosse, Alicja Kwade, or Claudia Comte, and offers a female perspective in a male-dominated world of art.


It was only a matter of time before Vienna became one of the cities with a KÖNIG GALERIE branch. Austria’s capital has long been a stronghold of classical art and home to numerous prestigious art spaces and therefore is the ideal place for Johann König’s established concept. With his democratic approach, the gallerist wants to make the snobby art scene accessible and offer a low entry point into the scene. Living up to the concept, his newest strike in Vienna at Kleines Haus der Kunst offers free entry for all visitors and thus brings art to everyone.
KÖNIG GALERIE is known to locate in architectural gems to make a visit a true experience. Kleines Haus der Kunst is one of Vienna’s most precious art deco buildings and offers a harmonious setting for contemporary art.



The opening exhibition “One decade of female sculptors” brings together more than 30 works by contemporary women artists to offer a fresh take on the significance of the female perspective in sculpture. The group show with artists Alicja Kwade, Kitty Kraus or Katharina Grosse amongst others presents the diversity and different approaches to the field of contemporary sculpture. The works on show are underpinned by common knowledge of sculptural tradition and the conscious exploration of the time-honored concept of sculpture itself. They are united by a keen interest in questioning and breaking with existing ways of seeing and thinking.



The exhibitions at Kleines Haus der Kunst are curated fully by KÖNIG GALERIE and will focus on Austrian contemporary artists with the international context. Following “One decade of female sculptors” are shows by Erwin Wurm as well as by Ulay, Marina Abramovic’s former partner, coming up in spring 2022.


The art space’s opening in Vienna is not the only reason why KÖNIG GALERIE is on everyone’s lips: In course of, an online marketplace that brings together emerging as well as established artists, KÖNIG joined forces with Porsche to bring to life a global gallery to the world’s most iconic billboards. Starting at Times Square in New York, the global gallery will be touring to five cities across North America, Europe and Asia and will become the canvas of 11 upcoming digital artists like Andy Picci, John Yuyi, Jonas Lund or Manuel Rossner in Madrid, Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo.



If you cannot get enough of Johann König, you have the chance to (re-) watch his talk at Forward Festival Vienna via video on demand!