The Forward Festival Vienna is just around the corner and we are already hungry for all the exciting inputs from the most creative minds of the industry that are awaiting. For the first time, there will be a Livestream of the festival! As a little foretaste to the upcoming festival we have something special for you today!


Today we present you the talk of Dennis Lück, who is not only the CCO of Jung von Matt,  a Lord, and Professor of Exorcism but also has a big love for… data.

Data, sound boring?
Not at all!

In his refreshing 30 minute talk, which he held at Forward Session Hamburg in August, he shares with us how, with something as dry as data, it is possible to develop ideas for campaigns that go viral and make an impact. He shares his top tips on how to use data in a way that it transforms into ‘soil where we can grow our ideas on’.

Dennis’ purpose in his work is to generate and create smiles – which he also definitely achieved with his talk for Forward! So check out the video below and start to see 0s and 1s in a completely new light.

If you, like us, cannot get enough of these kinds of talks make sure to secure your Early Bird Ticket for the Forward Festival Vienna Livestream for only €45 including a Digital Eyes Goodie Bag (within the EU). Click here to get your ticket!