Since its foundation in 2016, the Vienna-based design studio HFA made itself a name with bold illustrations and multifaceted lettering. For their latest project they created multiple GIFs for the Viennese museum of art history KHM celebrating the baroque masterpieces of their recent exhibition “Caravaggio & Bernini”.



“To promote our graphic and design studio we wanted to show how to use graphics and illustrations digitally nowadays. The goal was to generate as much attention and interaction as possible with our graphics.” – and it worked! The KHM, short for Kunsthistorisches Museum, became aware of HFA Studio because of their own collection of GIFs which can be found via giphy on Instagram.



“So basically it can be said, that KHM approached us because they saw our bong-smoking dogs and vampires”, Charlie of HFA says.



KHM wants to implement more and more interactive elements and digital media into their exhibitions. Thus, for their latest exhibition “Caravaggio & Bernini”, they wanted to give the visitors the possibility to integrate the masterpieces into their digital live.




Symbols have always played a huge role in the human communication, from ancient egypt with their hieroglyphics to modern pictograms. The use of emojis has become part of our everyday digital life and is considered part of the standard repertoire of social media channels. When you talk about feelings in 2019, you have to do it through emojis!



The idea was to create one gif for every main piece of the exhibition and to make them easy to use for the visitors by using the hashtag #barockstars. Each gif was created on basis of a classic emoji and one masterpiece.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Medusa 1638-40


The visitors of KHM are encouraged to use the gifs when visiting the exhibition or documenting everyday stories in order to express their feelings.



Now it’s your turn to get inspired and share your stories including the #barockstars – find them by searching the hashtag! Find all of the HFA Studio gifs here or by looking for “hfastudio” directly on Instagram.