Together with OHNE DEN HYPE, Forward welcomes you inside the mind of creatives, artists and designers! In intimate and personal conversations with Forward-speakers, industry legends and creative shooting stars, the podcast revolves around personal topics – completely without the hype that usually surrounds them. This seventh edition focuses on the life and creative work of the infamous graphic designer Paula Scher who talks to Sven Jürgenmeier about her background, her relationship with her parents, being a female designer, and about being a fuck-up.

Sven Jürgensmeiers realized one thing while creating this podcast. No matter how much you idolize the believed creative demigods that walk our earth, they are actually just regular human beings like everyone else. And the thing that distinguishes us is not who we are but what we do. One person he had always looked up to was Paula Scher, one of the most famous graphic designers in the world, icon and legend in the industry.

Paula’s book Make It Bigger was actually the very first design book Sven Jürgenmeier ever bought. She has designed hundreds of record covers, has become one of the biggest names in identity design, and has found a new challenge in designing signage for some very iconic buildings. Since the 90s she is partner at Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy and she has also made quite a splash as an artist with her very elaborate, large-scale, hand drawn maps.

In this episode  Paula and Sven talk about her background, her relationship with her parents, about the the record cover that haunts her, about the wildly successful children’s book she wrote in the beginning of her career, about the story of Pentagram, about being a female designer, and about being a fuck-up. We were enamored with the authenticity in this episode and hope you will be, too. Go listen to it and dive deeper into the world of Paula Scher with us.

Paula Scher held a talk at Forward Festival Vienna in 2018.