Together with OHNE DEN HYPE, Forward welcomes you inside the mind of creatives, artists and designers! In intimate and personal conversations with Forward-speakers, industry legends and creative shooting stars, the podcast revolves around personal topics – completely without the hype that usually surrounds them. This 17th edition is about Forward Festival speaker Max Siedentopf a multidisciplinary conceptual artist.


Max Siedentopf is a transnational conceptual artist known for his multidisciplinary approach to creativity. Originally from Namibia, the artist’s work often challenges conventional norms and perspectives, stimulating conversations about art, culture, and society. Whether through his captivating installations, thought-provoking photographs, or innovative projects, Max consistently pushes the boundaries of what art can be, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter his work.



In this episode Sven and Max delve into his work which encompasses a wide range of sculptures and installations, including a coffin you can ride on and an eternal Toto-playing MP3 player in the Namibian desert. They explore the intriguing and sometimes bizarre aspects of his art, all while expressing admiration for his creativity and willingness to challenge artistic norms. Max Siedentopf’s work is a testament to the boundless possibilities of contemporary art, making this podcast episode a captivating exploration of his distinctive artistic journey.

Listen to the full episode for a look at Max journey.



Photo credits: © Max Siedentopf, Sven Jürgensmeier, 2023