Welcome inside the world of 44 masterminds of the creative industries! The book by Steve Brouwers, creative director at SBS, sheds a light on what creativity means to artists like Erik Kessels, Stefan Sagmeister, John Stezaker or Hary Gruyaert.


If you have ever wondered what is going on inside the brains of creatives, this is your chance to get all the answers! For his book “Creatives on creativity”, Steve Brouwers interviewed 44 heavyweights of the industry asking them about their creative process, their inspirations and their most memorable achievements. One question that keeps popping up in every interview is “What is creativity to you?”



The collection comprises personal conversations with artists from a wide range of creative fields – Brouwers talked to Erik Kessels about if creativity should be provocative, asked Stefan Sagmeister about techniques to come up with ideas and had a chat with Gemma O’Brien about what awakens her creativity.



The book aims to give insights into what makes creative masterminds tick and pass on some of that wisdom to the readers. On top, Creatives on Creativity is packed with inspiring images and insights that want you to reflect your own idea of creativity.



The author’s result is that everyone is dealing with the same fears – the fear of failing, of not being good enough or the never-ending quest for unattainable perfection. Some are scared that creativity will fade away, while others seem to be free from insecurities.



Creatives on Creativity is available on Amazon – click for a good read!