“Be water my friend” is a Graphic Journey and Creative Methodology written by designer and creative activist Rafael Bernardo. Inspired by an interview with Bruce Lee, in which he refers to a facet of Taoist philosophy that water can teach us “the way,” Rafael started to wonder whether he “was water” in his creative workflow. And now, five years later his research turned into a 224 pages book published by Slanted. Support “Be Water My Friend” on Kickstarter to reveal this unique project to the world.

The book is divided into the parts Roots and Wings. The first one introduces the “Be water my friend” methodology as an analytic tool developed for creatives, who want to get better at doing what they love. It outlines the theoretic foundation of the author’s own experience. The “Roots” also describe the progress of development in three levels: context, motivation and process as the connecting part in-between. It is a perfect tool to connect the way we think with the way we feel.

The part “Wings” presents personal projects and collaborative works for viva con agua, the Forward Festival and many more made between 2017 and 2021. There is also a precise selection of eighty posters exploring the author’s visual voice. The whole part is about minimalist compositions, laconic typography along with captivating illustrations and infographics.

“I believe that everybody experiences creativity in a different way but that its structures and functionalities work similarly for all of us. This book wants to inspire creative performers to see mindset and intuition as team-players and shows how to connect and tune them to each other by reflecting on time, dreams and potentials”.

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