“Can you move a festival into digital space?” The University of Applied Arts Vienna’s reply: “No.” But it will be happening either way. Angewandte Festival 2020 is about to go alternate.mode, in digital and public space, from 23 to 26 June.



Who would have thought we’d spend a whole semester working and studying from home? In a way, all of us have entered alternate.mode in 2020, and we don’t know when we will be able to exit.

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is committed to counteracting these restrictions. Therefore, semester diplomas, various projects from their departments and an extensive live program will be available in digital space on their website and in public space in Vienna.

“By moving this year’s Angewandte Festival into virtual spaces, we do not intend to proclaim a brave new digital world, but to react critically, awake and curious to the current situation.”




The visual storytelling around the festival features AI mascots called the AI-nimals. They were created using an image-generating Artificial Intelligence model, showing how hyperdigital interpretation of nature affects our own perception.
The designs were created by a team of Klasse Kartak students: Marlene Kager, Maris Nisu, Maximilian Prag and Pauline Jocher.

The fonts used are by young type designers: Leonhard Laupichler, Sophie Brikengard, Charlotte Rohde, Leah Maldonado, Janik Sandbothe, Laura Csocsan, OH No Type, Moritz Esch and David Einwaller.


Have a look at the design and the information on the programme and the timetable.